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The Viking's Apprentice is now a 31 time #1 international best seller across Amazon. 


It acheived the status of the most downloaded children's ebook in the world on March 23rd 2015 with over 23000 downloads on that day. 


Thousands credit book one for introducing children to reading and re-engaging those whose interest was dwindling. It’s no surprise; the book allows children to experience the gripping life of an everyday hero tasked with saving the world.


Begin your adventure today in this amazon exclusive series. 


Hailed as the book to replace Harry Potter as a must read for all children. 

The Viking's Apprentice
31 #1's across Amazon. International best seller


What would you do if you discovered nothing was as you thought, and the fate of your friends, perhaps even the world was in your hands?

That’s the reality Peter must face in this award-winning middle Grade novel, The Viking’s Apprentice. 

Campbell’s Cove is a small town surrounded in mystery and intrigue. The history of the Cove tells us of dragons, trolls, goblins and the evil Master who stole children, livestock and, strangest of all, eggs from the Cove every year. Aided by the hideous monster, Tolldruck there seemed no stopping their evil plan. 

That was until, centuries ago, a Viking warrior came to Campbell’s Cove and vowed to rid it of all evil, and claim the prize offered by the mysterious church elders. The Viking succeeded and everything returned to normal. The evil was gone, and Campbell’s Cove was safe again… Until now. 


When school friends Peter and George take their summer holiday with Peter's Granddad it turns into an adventure that none of them will ever forget. Peter must face a future he could never have dreamed of, and a past that has been kept secret for hundreds of years. A fight for friendship and survival that takes them into the Caves of Campbell's Cove and beyond.


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No 1. on Goodreads for Best Scottish Fiction, Smart novels to read to your kids and Books for Boys who hate reading coming ahead of Harry Potter, The Hobitt, Enders Game, Outlander, Percy Jackson and many more.  

Now available as an audio book. Click here to get it free. 

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