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Due to the rise in self published authors, there is also a rise in  services looking to take money from these authors for a variety of things which are actually free. 

Below are some of the best services and software I use that are all free. None of these sites are affiliated with me in any way.

Booklinker - This site creates a universal link for your books on Amazon. The benefit is that no matter where in the world your customer is they click one link and will be taken to the correct Amazon store for their part of the world. All my Amazon links on this website use Booklinker. Also it gives you stats on how many clicks each link has received. 

Calibre - Struggling to format your ebook into all the different required file types? Calibre does it for you, for free and previews each book on each platform so you can see how it looks before you upload it. Amazing software for free and definitely a life saver for many authors. 

Cleanup pictures - Do you have a great image you want to use for an Ebook cover but it has writing on it? Use cleanup pictures to remove that writing for free. I've used this to redesign the font on my books for ebook and paperback on Amazon. - Ever wondered how some authors can make their Amazon blurb look amazing with HTML etc. Ablurb is the answer. It's free and you can design your book blurb and preview before sending to amazon. Amazon does allow a limited use of HTML so use it and get those blurbs looking amazing. 

I hope this helps other writers out there. I'll add to this as I come across more great tools. 
















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