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Kevin lives in Hamilton, Scotland with his two daughters. He has always been a keen writer, and has written many short stories.
The Viking's Apprentice was Kevin's first novel and is the first book in the greatly anticipated Viking's Apprentice series.
Inspiration for the series came from many things. The village of Furnace in Scotland provided the layout for Campbell's Cove, with a few alterations. A Scottish 'old wives tale' gave the inspiration for one of the main plot lines.
The Viking's Apprentice series has achieved over 30 genre number 1's across Amazon worldwide. The series has also topped many Goodreads charts.
The Viking's Apprentice has also been used as the reading book in schools in Scotland. Kevin regularly visits schools to talk to the children about reading, writing and, of course a little about Vikings.
Kevin is always interested in visiting schools. If you're a teacher looking to book an author visit please get in touch here.
If you want to get in touch please use the contact page.
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